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Clotheslines Near and Far: One World, One Line

Over 16 years of travel in more than 30 countries across 5 continents resulted in this collection of clotheslines and culturally related images that not only share my observations of our world, but have shaped the person I have become in it.

Imagine if there was a single clothing line that wrapped around the entire world that everyone shared; Think of all the amazing colors, textures & patterns that we’d all create together! 

The Idea is if everyone hung their laundry and then the line was rotated around the world, so the part of the line in your area may have come from a completely different location, would everyone still perceive this as a laundry line?

My Belief is that we are all not that different.  We share a common perception and ability to communicate, regardless of geography, the variety of colors, textures, and fabrics on the line; These factors create dimension, variety, and choice. People throughout the world have more similarities than one may think, and the differences we share provoke thought, imagination, create interest, and allow freedom.

Cultural, religious, geographic, & socioeconomic diversities that we encounter are like the proverbial laundry, hanging on an identical clothing line that drapes around the world.  The colors, textures, and materials may vary, but we can always recognize the line.

The vision for our world: Celebrating cultural diversity and creating peace and understanding through thought provoking art.

This collection  has developed over a sixteen year period and continues to grow.  The images are not only a window into the cultures and lives of a diverse group of people, but a visual journey through my passionate adventures. Each image represents one key moment in time that unites the launderer and their culture, the photographer, and the viewer.

In viewing a clothing line, what thoughts do you think? Have you ever wondered who hung the laundry, or who wore it? What story does it tell?

In this exhibit, it is the variety on the lines and the environment they belong to, not merely the objects themselves, that make an interesting visual subject.


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