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Welcome to The Visual Planet – committed to creating thought provoking art that inspires positive change

The Visual Planet is available for creative development, film production, and photography exhibition internationally.

Inspired by my insatiable quest to experience life through constant world travel, combined with my goal of promoting positive social change, I capture realistic images that expose specific aspects of a culture, such as  gender, diversity, customs, poverty, spirituality, rituals, food, attire, housing, and ways of life. I am fascinated with documentary and raw, unedited images that capture a genuine moment in time, and that tell a story. By presenting an explicit, unaltered vision of the sociology of a group, characteristics surface as they exist within the social fabric. Much in the same regard, I photograph individuals within unique locations, allowing the viewer to transcend the boundaries of the picture, experiencing the emotional journey of the subject, blurring the lines of reality between the viewer, the subject, and the artist.

My outgoing personality and love of people, ethos, and animals has opened the door to many exotic opportunities. My images are not only a window into the cultures and lives of diverse people and locations, but a visual journey through my passionate adventures. I also enjoy the abstract, reflections, capturing light and shadows, black and white, saturated vivid color, and playing blatantly with visual manipulation. I currently use both still and moving images, sometimes in combination with sound, to illustrate my visions. I am committed to creating thought provoking art that inspires positive transformation.

Jennifer Barbaro is an award winning Filmmaker, Artist, Photographer,  Founding Member of Exposed Elements Pop Up Art Movement, sits on several boards for the arts, and is Co-Founder and President of The Barbaro-Gould Foundation. Originally from Philadelphia, she received her MFA from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. 

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