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While wondering around the Port of Milna, I came across perfectly spaced rows of repeating white laundry, drying in the light of the full moon. I couldn’t help but wonder, who owned so many of the exact same undergarments and who hung them so precisely and regimented? I thought to myself, if the rest of their home was like this…

View new photography from Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia/Herzegovina

I have just completed travel through Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia/Herzegovina. New photography is available for your viewing pleasure. As always, thank you for visiting me at The Visual Planet.

While visiting the oldest village, Skrip, on the island of Bol, I entered what appeared to be ancient castle walls. An innocent looking elderly woman dressed in cool pink cotton, sprang to her injured feet and used her cane to approach us. After giving us an animated tour in full Croatian, of some ruins and a garden, she hobbled over to this door and unlocked it to reveal her moonshine “store.” Behind this rickety wooden door, amongst the ruins, stood a table filled with homemade olive oil, Prosecco, and various wines. The dingy cellar like room was crowded with vats, barrels, and bottles. Above the card table hung an old tourist poster, advertising the larger town down the road. This kindly old woman proceeded in Croatian, but clear nonetheless, to try to sell us her many products. After a steep quote and a little language impaired, yet friendly haggling, I managed to escape with several photos and a great bottle of Prosecco, that now adorns my bar in Tampa, Florida.

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