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First Glance Film Festival Interview

Jennifer Barbaro is interviewed by Ilona Cadaver about her award winning film, The Perfect Match…

Director Jennifer Barbaro in production on film, Racing to Rio

Jennifer Barbaro, Co-Founder of The Barbaro-Gould Foundation, a not for profit for cultural exchange, is directing and currently in production on Racing to Rio, a film about ability, Paralympic Sailing, and the importance of sailing locally and globally.  With Emmy award winning crew, Bill Mills (Director of Photography) and Jack Neu (Audio Engineer) combined with so many talented members, we are off to an excellent start!

Crew Launch IMG_2072 Jen & Crew 2 IMG_6720 IMG_1395 Warrior Sailing sailing pirate

Jennifer Named VP of CAA

The Barbaro-Gould Foundation has exciting news to share: Jennifer Barbaro has been named the new Vice President of the Clearwater Arts Alliance!

The Clearwater Arts Alliance is an organization that promotes cultural awareness in Clearwater.  It encourages and creates cultural and artistic opportunities for everyone in the area.
We look forward to what new events will come from the Clearwater Arts Alliance in the future!

Pinellas Meeting

Jennifer Barbaro – Interview in Patches Magazine

Patches 2Patches

Jennifer Barbaro’s photography selected for exhibition

Jennifer Barbaro, photographer and co-founder of The Barbaro-Gould Foundation was selected to  participate in an art exhibition on the #mainline in #Philadelphia where she will be displaying works from her ongoing collection, “Portraits of Tradition.”

Opening reception & awards September 17 5:45-9pm
750 Montgomery Avenue
Bryan Mawr, PA 19010

On display September 22-October 22, 2015

Online art auction available at https://harcum.afrogs.org/#/index
Under 100 years of Art

Red Carpet Interview

FG INterview

Jennifer Barbaro was interviewed by Ivonna Cadaver on the Red Carpet at Regal Cinemas LA Live during the First Glance Film Festival, where her film, The Perfect Match, took the award for Best Feature Documentary.

The Perfect Match wins Best Feature Documentary

Jennifer Barbaro and her film, The Perfect Match, screened at The First Glance Film Festival in Los Angeles at Regal Cinemas at LA LIVE.  The three day festival which took place April 15-17, was well attended.  The Perfect Match received the award of Best Feature Documentary.


Producers Guild of America Approval Mark

More good news to share! Jennifer Barbaro’s award-winning film, The Perfect Match, has been granted eligibility to use the Producers Mark by the PGA (Producers Guild of America). Jen is now officially recognized by the PGA!

From now on, The Perfect Match will be able to put “p.g.a” after the producers’ name(s) in credits, promotional material, awards, and honors. We’re excited over this achievement and can’t wait to see what new developments will happen here at The Visual Planet!


The Perfect Match Selected as Official Screening Film

The Perfect Match is now an Official Selection in the Feature Documentary Category of films screening at the 2016 First Glance Film Fest LA. The Film Festival runs from April 15-17 at Regal Cinemas at LA Live.  Please join me in viewing The Perfect Match and all of the other wonderful films selected to screen.  Tickets will sell out fast so get yours today! Visit First Glance for more information. Please follow The Perfect Match on Facebook and Twitter! I will be updating you as news comes in.  Stay tuned!  http://firstglancefilms.com/official-selections-los-angeles-2016/


Jennifer Barbaro Receives award for feature length documentary The Perfect Match

Director Jennifer Barbaro placed and received an award for her documentary, The Perfect Match, at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2015.


Great Turn Out at Art opening reception 9/17 in Bryn Mawr PA featuring works by Jennifer Barbaro

Harcum Centennial 2015 photo 2 photo 4 photo 3

The Perfect Match directed by Jennifer Barbaro selected as Award Winning Film

Jennifer Barbaro’s film, The Perfect Match, was just announced as the 4th place award winner in the feature documentary category at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival.  The 20th annual festival takes place August 27-30, 2015 in Hudson, Ohio, where Jennifer will partake in the festival and accept her award.


Perfect Match Poster

Place Perspectives

A photography exhibit created by Jennifer Barbaro

Perspective has the ability to transform what and how you experience something, and ultimately how you see, think, and feel about it, based on the way you perceive it. In these works, Jennifer herself examined these places from various angles and heights in order to capture her feelings of inspiration. In each work, she replaces her camera lens with the viewer to reflect and share her personal experience of each location through her eyes.

Jennifer Barbaro works primarily in photography and video, and Place Perspectives comprises one part of her Perspectives Exhibit. The complete collection spans over a decade of work, with this exhibition highlighting places. Presented here are 6 works, produced between 2012 to 2015.


VIEW my IMDB PAGE for my DOC Feature Trailer – THE PERFECT MATCH

We are proud to announce that the PERFECT MATCH just won an award in the feature documentary category at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2015!



Opening of The Capitol Theatre -Clearwater, FL

@Capitoltheatre #CapitolTheatre #Grandreopening #downtownclearwater #artisalive #VIP #Thevisualplanet


Raving Review

Ruth Eckerd Hall Raving Review

Selected works of my photography on exhibit at Ruth Eckerd Hall

Jennifer Barbaro is currently exhibiting select pieces of her photography at the prestigious Ruth Eckerd Hall’s West Gallery in Clearwater Florida, September 24 through November 30, 2012.

The show is comprised of a select group of artists from  Exposed Elements Pop Up Art Group, the Tampa based collaborative that Jennifer co-founded, to further make art accessible to the public.

Artists are planning to have a meet and greet event sometime in November at the facility; Details to be announced. If you are at Ruth Eckerd Hall, please take the time to visit the West Gallery.  

Jennifer Barbaro: Ribbons Winner in Audubon Society Photo Contest


More about recent travel…

While wondering around the Port of Milna, I came across perfectly spaced rows of repeating white laundry, drying in the light of the full moon. I couldn’t help but wonder, who owned so many of the exact same undergarments and who hung them so precisely and regimented? I thought to myself, if the rest of their home was like this…

View new photography from Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia/Herzegovina

I have just completed travel through Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia/Herzegovina. New photography is available for your viewing pleasure. As always, thank you for visiting me at The Visual Planet.

While visiting the oldest village, Skrip, on the island of Bol, I entered what appeared to be ancient castle walls. An innocent looking elderly woman dressed in cool pink cotton, sprang to her injured feet and used her cane to approach us. After giving us an animated tour in full Croatian, of some ruins and a garden, she hobbled over to this door and unlocked it to reveal her moonshine “store.” Behind this rickety wooden door, amongst the ruins, stood a table filled with homemade olive oil, Prosecco, and various wines. The dingy cellar like room was crowded with vats, barrels, and bottles. Above the card table hung an old tourist poster, advertising the larger town down the road. This kindly old woman proceeded in Croatian, but clear nonetheless, to try to sell us her many products. After a steep quote and a little language impaired, yet friendly haggling, I managed to escape with several photos and a great bottle of Prosecco, that now adorns my bar in Tampa, Florida.


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